2019 / Electric meets Reality

The brief

Our brief was to put Australian fears about electric vehicles to rest. Specifically, they were concerned about range, safety and drivability. Targeting families, we were asked for an installation that did the storytelling automatically with no salesperson required. It needed to be artistic as well as informative to draw the customer over as well as demonstrating the new car design, presenting the MGHS as the first affordable electric vehicle in Australia.

The insight

Australian s are still hooked on fossil fuels. But even the most environmentally focussed family in Australia is presented with a big barrier – price. At around $50,000 the MG HS cost up to $50,000 less than the next most affordable option.

The strategy

We came up with the strategic idea of ‘electric meets reality.’ Our strategy was to drive home that this wasn’t only a superb electric vehicle with hi-end safety, range and drivability it was also a practical family car that real Australians could afford.

The solution

Our creative solution brings the strategy to life dramatically.  No ordinary installation, it’s a world-first, uniquely immersive sculpture inside a dealership. Inspired by children’s toys, we created a fun, playful and engaging experience. The elegant sculpture represents reality. The projections represent electricity – giving the whole piece life with dynamism and joyful colour that immediately engages young families.  The sculpture and the projections come together to address the consumer pain points of range, drivability and safety. Together they demonstrate that uniquely for the MG HS and for the first time in Australia – electric meets reality.

Muse Awards 2020
Platinum - Experiential & Immersive
Indigo Awards 2020
Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image , Gold in Integrated Graphic Design, Silver in Computer Animation
A'Design Awards 2020
Gold in Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design
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